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Cat's Hill Classic

Cat's Hill Classic Race Sponsorship:
Booths & Primes

Cat's Hill Vendor booth & Prime donation Information

We are now accepting prime and prize donations and requests
for vendor booths.

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Vendor Booth: You may represent your business at the Cat’s Hill with a vendor booth. A blocked-off area adjacent to the racecourse will be reserved for vendor booths and product demonstrations. Providing you register with us before April 15, you can set up a vendor booth in the designated area. You are responsible for setting up, staffing and removing the booth, as necessary, as well as all costs associated with the booth. Booths may be set up anytime after 8 AM and must be removed by 6 PM. When registering for a booth space, please supply us with approximate dimensions of your booth. Note: food/beverage booths are not permitted, unless otherwise cleared.

Questions? See Booth FAQs

Race primes and prizes: You may choose to donate merchandise or coupons redeemable for merchandise/services to be used as “primes” or prizes. Primes are awarded in each race to the winner of a sprint within the race and are separate from the overall winner at the end of the race. Prizes are awarded to the top six finishers in each race. Your name will be announced in association with the primes or prizes that you donate, before and after the race that they are awarded in. We reserve the right to choose the most appropriate race to award your prime/prize in, unless negotiated otherwise. In addition, we reserve the right to award prizes as a balance of cash and merchandise, as we deem appropriate.