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Cat’s Hill Classic Booth FAQs - PDF Version

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Q.  Where are booths located?

A.  The booths are located on “Vendor Alley” on Nicholson Avenue between Tait Avenue and Massol Avenue.  This area gets the most foot traffic as spectators move between the Start/Finish line on Tait and the base of Cat’s Hill (turn 3) on Massol. Map


Q. How much do booths cost?

A. Booths are provided free to team sponsors, race sponsors and non-profit 501 C3 organizations including our designated charities.  Otherwise, booth sponsorship is only $100.


Q:  What amenities does the LGBRC provide for my booth?

A.  This is an easy question to answer:  nothing except very expensive downtown Los Gatos real estate for the day.  You need to bring tables, chairs, pop-up tent, etc.  No power is available.


Q:  What is the size of my booth?

A:  Most booths are 10’ x 10’.


Q:  Can I have a larger size booth?

A:  Since we typically have lots of space available, you can have a larger space.  Just make sure that you notify the booth coordinator.


Q:  What time should I set up?

A:  Since the racing starts and the course is closed at 8:45 AM, you best be completely set up by 8:15 AM.


Q:  How do I get my booth to the vendor area?

A:  You can drive to the vendor area before the race starts and subsequently park your vehicle off the course.


Q:  Since I haven’t been to Cat’s Hill Classic before, what is the best route to drive to the vendor area so that I won’t be coming through the Start/Finish line set-up?

A:  The best approach to the vendor area is on Massol Avenue to avoid all the activities at the Start/Finish line including the stage, the bicycle repair area, etc.  See the race .

Q:  How do I know where my booth is located?

A:  A booth map will be e-mailed to all participants and the vendor/booth area will be marked with numbers.


Q:  What if I do not like my location?

A:  All the locations are excellent.  However, if you want to move after you see your position on the booth map, we will certainly try to accomplish this objective.


Q:  How do I get people to visit my booth?

A:  Aside from lots of street traffic, your organization will be featured during the day as the race announcer reads a script provided by you.  (If necessary, the Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club leadership will work with you to develop your script.)


Q:  How do I get something to eat during the race?

A:  Assorted lunches provided by various food sponsors will be delivered to your booth.  The food will consist of pizza, burritos, etc.  If you do not like this option, a few food vendors will be also attending the race.  You can always bring you own lunch or purchase food in downtown Los Gatos if you leave someone attending your booth.


Q:  Are there restrooms available?

A:  Yes, there are portable restrooms adjacent to the booth/vendor and start/finish area.


Q:  Do I get a Cat’s Hill Classic T-shirt?

A:  Yes, we provide two free shirts per booth. Additional shirts may be purchased for $10 each. (Note: Certain sizes sell out early.)


Q:  When do I remove my booth?

A:  If you wish you can start to dissemble your booth prior to the end of the race at approximately 6:00 PM.  This will facilitate your exit right after the streets are reopened to traffic.