Cat's Hill Classic

* Tactics & Tips for Racing Cat's Hill
* Food Suggestions

Warmup Request:
We have received requests from residents to ask prospective racers to observe stop signs when they are practicing on streets near the course, and to stay on the right side of the street on neighborhood roads (Ridgecrest, for example.) Since the race is dependent on cooperation from residents, let's all work together on courteous riding, so Cat's Hill will always be welcome in Los Gatos. Thanks, everyone!

Tips and Tactics that apply to racers of all categories:

1) Setting realistic expectations - Cat's Hill is a great race because it's got a festive downtown setting, it's safe, and it's a great course! The hill keeps the riders honest, but most races are tactical with attacks and breaks. One way to keep riders in this sport longer is to have them set realistic expectations. Simply put, Cat's Hill is not an industrial park crit that ends up in a field sprint. Training and preparation for the two are not the same.

2) Teamwork - another great way to keep riders in this sport is to teach them their role in the team. As stated above, Cat's Hill can be a very tactical race. If you work out your team tactics before the race, even the rider that does not finish the race but helps out their team can feel good about their contribution.

3) Training - if Cat's Hill is an important race to you then specificity in your training may have looked something like this: 2 minutes just below AT, 30 seconds above AT, 30 seconds recovery... repeat for as many laps as your race.

4) Warm-Up as this is a "classic" criterium course, and the hills will zap your strength, you will want to warm-up before your race. Use Highway 9 in Los Gatos (towards Saratoga) as your warm up route (complete with bike lanes, but watch for traffic). If you do not have your ideal criterium warm-up routine established, talk to your teammates.

5) Preview the course - get to the race early, register and then walk the course at least once. Walking the course in reverse is best because you can see the riders more often and you can see how the riders take the course.

6) This is a classic race, work hard and have fun!!  The pain is temporary but the memories live forever!

Good luck to everyone that is racing, especially the Juniors! Come on out and cheer for the Juniors!!


FOOD Suggestions: Visit one of our eating establishments in downtown Los Gatos. Willow Street and Andale Taqueria are Cat's Hill donors, and look for Sonia's Hot Dog Cart on Vendor Alley (Nicholson Ave.), featuring healthful items such as fruit, drinks, chips and home-baked muffins & cookies. Be sure to visit Awakeup Call, mobile coffee van, at the bottom of the hill.