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Cat's Hill Classic

history of Cat's Hill Criterium:

Alan Whittaker

A Note From Alan Whittaker :

1974 Cat's Hill (click image for larger version)

Cat's Hill with the 1974 Los Gatos Team

I used to race with the Los Gatos team back in the early 70’s. I was going through and scanning some old slides and I thought you might like the very first promotional picture that was put in the Los Gatos Times Observer in 1974 for the Cat’s Hill Criterium.

From the left to right the team was Bob Tetzlaff, Walter Weed, Alan Whittaker, Martin Markham, and Fred Markham

Lorine’s son and a friend are to the left of Bob.

The rest of the team not pictured (that I remember) was Jim Shore, Darcy Hildebrand, and Ross Rohrer.

Yes, it was a motley bunch of characters. I had the biggest car and roof carrier back then, so I did most of the car pooling to all the races. I went to high school with Fred Markham and road many miles training with him and Bob. I was a couple of years ahead of Fred in high school and used to kick his butt ;-)

Best Regards,

Alan Whittaker