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history of Cat's Hill Criterium

Chris Springer, Junior Winner in 1975
Sent in by Chris Springer, March 7, 2018

This is the table LGBRC made for the junior winner that year. They mage a larger one for the senior winner( Paul Wilson). I was only 15 years old at the time and was an “intermediate “( 13-15) age group. But since I won the National Championship in my age group, they let me ride”up” into the next age group(16-18 year olds) . It was my first junior victory! Not sure what happened in 1976, but in 1977 I rode again in the junior race. Greg Lemond was the junior national road champion and I was the junior national track champion. We got away from the pack/ field and I was able to win again. The next year he dropped out of the junior race and rode” up” as a senior and won against the reigning road national champion ( Wayne Stetina) Now you can see why all my relatives have a mark on their shin- that table has a mean streak on the end!
Burl Table Prize:
Chris Springer's Burl Table prize in 1975
Detail of Plaque:
Chris Springer - detail of plaque