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Cat's Hill Classic

history of Cat's Hill Criterium:
Davis Phinney

A Note From Davis Phinney:
1987 Cat's Hill

Thanks for the great trip down memory lane. Your race's history was posted to me by old friend Leonard Ke.

As one of those mentioned -- I've a small correction to make. Riding for 7- Eleven in the '87 event, I didn't in fact drop my chain but while sprinting up the hill, it broke on me! I sputtered quickly to a trackstand as my chain spooled off the cluster and onto the road, amazingly, no one crashed into me. I'd no choice but to turn around and roll backwards on the course to the pits, so I 'Fred Flinstoned' my way back to the start. There I got a spare bike and jumped into the passing pack (changing back onto my original after a new chain had been added). Kiefel rode away with McCormack while my saga unfolded, so I blocked for him and eventually took the sprint for 3rd ... only to be DQ'd for cutting the course! I was pissed but of course the officials were correct. That's my Cat's Hill story. Glad to hear that the race lives on.

Best wishes to all,

Davis Phinney