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Cat's Hill Classic

history of Cat's Hill Criterium:

Eric Hellwig

A Note From Erik Hellwig

Seldom did a fast sprinter hang in, make the right break, and beat the field at Cat’s Hill. It’s a race for the strong. Look at the list of winners. Technical and demanding it is truly a thing of beauty and one of the races I looked forward to every year.

Generally one to look forward and not back, I was surprised at the fond memories that came to mind while reading the posts of my fellow racers from the old school. Life has taken many turns, but the enduring nature of Cat’s Hill brings back memories of long training rides with the mates, road trip adventures, and the thrill of the race. I heard the bell some 7 or 8 times at this beauty and winning it as my first every USCF race (intermediate) hooked me hard on the sport for years to come.

Thank you to all the folks who make this great racing tradition happen each year.

Erik Hellwig