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history of Cat's Hill Criterium:

Matt Doval

A Note From Matt Doval
1988 Cat's Hill Criterium

My name is Matt Doval and I won the 1988 Senior event. This was my last year of racing and I raced at Cat's Hill nearly every year from 1980. The race is one of the states very best courses and I always had great respect it.

I was a little let down when I read the summary of the race on your web site. Considering my history of suffering in this race, I was pleased to be racing very strongly that year. With five laps to go I stayed in my big ring and attacked hard up the climb with only the eventual runner up in tow.
We traded pace then on the last lap I again attacked in my big ring to drop my break companion and I finished solo. (This was not a fluke easy tactical race either. It is always a hard race. I was racing very strong as seen the week before when I won the West Hollywood Criterium, also in a two man break.)
I still look back on this race with great respect and I would like to see the race recorded accurately. Below is a picture of the finish taken by my brother which shows there was nobody near me.

Matt Doval