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Cat's Hill Classic

history of Cat's Hill Criterium:
Laura Charameda

From Laura Charameda, May 2004:

To all the people that have made Cat's Hill happen for the past 30 years:

Thank you. What a great event for the cycling world. Cat's Hill is still and always was a classic race. I have been attending Cat's Hill for many years and I am proud to still be a participant as well as bring a new generation of riders with the Team Swift Junior Development program.

On behalf of the bicycle racers that attend Cat's Hill I would like to thank the Los Gatos cycling club and the entire community for continuing to host this race.

Cat's Hill is the first event I add to my schedule each spring. I look forward to being back to celebrate 40th year anniversary!

Laura Charameda
2nd Place Cat's Hill Criterium 2004
1st Place Cat's Hill Criterium 1995