Cats Hill Criterium

Welcome to the 1996 Cat's Hill Criterium, tour. How does one get around Cat's Hill you ask? Simply follow our photos ...



 What race would be complete without squeezing 100 guys, excuse me, 99 guys and one incredibly strong woman into the width of a small back street. Here Glen Winkle, USPS, Ryan Steele, BBC, and Julie Young, Saturn show us how its done. Julie also did the men's 3 field, I guess 35 times up Cats Hill just wasn't enough.



 Once you actually get the bike rolling and manage not to get your front tire caught in the cracks, you negotiate two quick turns and then approach the hill. Steve Nash, SCCC/Cupertino Bike Shop shows us a nice line in the cat 3 field.



 Fly through a hard 90 deg left turn and hit the hill with as much momentum as you can. Here's Scott Barth, LGBRC leaning through the corner in the Masters 30+ 4/5 category.


 Here's a shot of the Pro/1/2 field negotiating that same corner. Its Mike Tillman, Olympic Club, Mike Taylor, Kiwi/Avocet, Glen Winkle, USPS amongst others.


 Dante Thompson, GCC/Shaws, wins this week's "Tongue" award. Look out Bill!


 After that it's climb, 23% to be exact. Climb and try and avoid a pile up. Craig Lindberg, SCCC/Cupertino Bike Shop showing us the advantage of being at the front. You can see a nice pile up forming in the far left.


 More climbing, Steve Nash, SCCC/Cupertino Bike Shop, showing us how to climb ... elbows OUT!.


 Adam Kesselmen, Empire Velo, running into a little trouble. Adam gets my vote for a quick upgrade. He went off the front of the 3 field something like four times. Three of the four he pulled out of a pedal, like in this photo. The fourth he stayed away with John Burke, Davis BC and another teammate. Incredible race though.


 Here's what's left of Alex Gallardo's bike after running into the back of the "chase" vehicle. We all wish you a quick recovery! And hey, that frame'll make a nice wind chime or something!

Photo by Scott Moochie



 Once you clear the top of the hill, it levels out somewhat, two quick right turns, a screaming downhill into a right turn and you're back at the start/finish. Here are the Masters 45+ riders clearing the top of Cat's Hill. Jim Hwang Xerox/Alto Velo is leading, and John "Bart" Barmettler is the other AV rider off to the left. John ultimately came in second.



 Photo by Scott Moochie



 Suzy Marshall, LGBRC, bent over in the last corner before the start/finish. Rest before a race? Nahhhh. I know Suzy was down at the track the night before this race, and she still won the Women's 4 field.



 After going up Cats Hill for what must have felt like an eternity it all comes down to this. Adam Kesselman, Empire Velo, amd John Burke, Davis Bike Club in what must have been the closest finish of the day. Adam just edged out John according to the judges.



 If you were lucky enough to finish in the top three you get to take a walk to the podium. Karen Kurreck, Chevrolet/Klein, in the top spot. Shari Kain, Kiwi/Avocet, in second. Laura Mullen, Shaklee in third. Karen and Shari, broke away from the field early on securing the one, two spots. Laura won the field sprint for third. Cats Hill seems to favor the small breakaway.



 Photo by Scott Moochie



 Thanks for visiting, see ya next year! Complete results can be found here.

Photo by Scott Moochie

Phil Aaronson
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